Christoph Geyer

Andrew talks with Chris about Chiropractic

Christoph first became involved with chiropractic at a very young age because of his father, who works as a chiropractor. At a young age, he received regular chiropractic care, which helped prevent sports injuries and support growth and development.  

He was fascinated about how much he could help others when early on his father showed him Chiropractic Techniques.

Chris regularly lifts weights at the gym to maintain his health and fitness, and he is passionate about accomplishing his goals.

He completed his four year degree at the Chiropraktik Akademie at Dresden International University (DIU). Additionally Chris has worked for 2 years in the Wiesbaden Chiropractic Clinic to improve his chiropractic skills. He is now excited to join the “Kiwi Chiropractic” team to grow as a chiropractor and make a massive difference to the community.

Alisha Reinhardt

Andrew talks with Alisha about Chiropractic

Alisha has been in chiropractic care since she was a kid. After chiropractic helped her mother significantly with her migraines, she discovered that her daughter could benefit from the care just as much she did. Growing up with the trust of chiropractic care, she decided that she wanted to give others the same chance to live to their full potential.

She completed her four year study at the Chiropraktik Akademie and Dresden International University (DIU). Alisha has worked in several practices in northern Germany, training her chiropractic skills.

Always interested in gaining more knowledge, Alisha will be pursuing her Masters degree in Translational Neuroscience at Heinrich Heine University. When she’s not in the practice taking care of practice members, she is passionate about improving her overall knowledge and incorporating this into her work in the practice.

Ruben Mateo

Andrew talks with Ruben about Chiropractic

Ruben first became involved with chiropractic at the age of 16. At that time he was actively playing soccer and was often exposed to minor injuries, that got better with regular chiropractic adjustments.

Through his first experience with chiropractic, he quickly realized that he needed to learn this skill. Being a skill and a vocation at the same time, chiropractic can be carried through life. A craft that can be practiced by hands only and which helps people, seemed rare to him and therefore inspired him even more.

Because he has family in the Dominican Republic, it is also his ambition to bring chiropractic to this country.

After a 5 year long, successfully completed study and practical experience, he is now happy to be part of the team at "Kiwi Chiropractic". A practice that brings all the possibilities to create personal growth for him as a chiropractor and a person, as well as the improvement of health for the praxis members to the table.

Andrew McCracken

Finn talks with Andrew about Chiropractic

Born and raised in New Zealand when Andrew was 15 years old Chiropractic changed his life. It helped him regain his health that had suddenly disappeared and once again be an active, sporting and energetic young man.

From that time Andrew committed to doing everything he can to help children, teens and adults live life with the best health possible.

Andrew won the top prize for all round excellence “The Gold Award” in his final year as a Chiropractic Intern and after his 5 year study at the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic. During this time he entered and won the World Chiropractic speech contest “Talk the Tic”,  Andrew's passion is clear to see.

Today Andrew lives his life passionately dedicated helping raise the standard of Chiropractic in Germany so that people of all ages can live life at their full potential.

On the weekends you can find Andrew playing Cricket in the Bundesliga for the Düsseldorf Blackcaps or at the International University of Dresden where he teaches Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques in the Bachelor program.

Finn Schütte

Andrew talks with Finn about Chiropractic

Having played sports all his life Finn suffered a crippling knee injury that put everything on hold. With over a year and half and seeing many types of practitioners it was a chance meeting with a Chiropractor who was able to help bring Finn's body back into balance. Fueled by this experience and being one of the most motivated people you will meet, Finn is determined that nobody will wait a year and a half to get back on track.

As a member of the Bund Deutscher Chiropraktiker (BDC), Finn has completed his four years of chiropractic studies at the Chiropraktik Akademie and the International University of Dresden. Has extensively studied chiropractic technique and application under a diverse group of international lecturers. With the goal: to make chiropractic care available to everyone, regardless of age or circumstances.

John Minardi (Canada), Andrew McCracken (NZ), Bradley Hennen (USA), Robert Straub (DE) including Sacral Occipital Technique, Craniopathie, Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, Diversified, MLS and Upper Cervical Techniques.

Finn is proactive and passionate about naturally increasing the potential of the body so that everyone can do what they want to do.