Why we see mothers, babies and children

I remember really clearly a moment in the practice, when on one side of the open room there was a guy and on the other side there were two moms with two strollers, who were friends. They were talking and their babies were in the strollers and this guy asked me if the babies got any injuries in their back. I said no, they didn't have any problems like that.

They don't have to be any massive problems to be able to go to a chiropractor. So I said ask the mothers and they said: "No, we're here, because we want to reach our maximum health potential and we want our babies to grow up really strong and healthy." So a question, that is often ask is, why do so many mothers, pregnant women and newborn babies come to us as chiropractors. First of all, it's really normal for that to happen in New Zealand, but it's pretty new in Germany.

So here's a couple of reasons. So imagine you're pregnant, if you're a man you know then just imagine your wife is pregnant. That's a huge change process which is happening in your body and as those weeks go on your body actually becomes a little bit more unstable in places. Everything become a bit more soft and all the joints become a bit more movable. That's nature doing its course, so you can give birth. But it can also lead to a whole bunch of problems, that may have developed because of the years before. For example sitting at a desk might has created a change in the hips, a twist perhaps and now with everything being a bit more relaxed there might be some issues.

I've had mums who feel like they can't really walk in in the last months of their pregnancy so that's why they've come in. But of course we recommend coming in before symptoms as a prophylaxis you would say in German. That would be a reason why someone who's pregnant you know might come in. That should then indicate, and research does actually suggest, that your birth would be more comfortable and potentially even a bit quicker as well. That makes sense to me, because the nerve system is working better and now your hips are much more lined up, which means the birth canal is not twisted.

Now, after you have given birth you're feeling great you've got a new baby everyone's really happy. But as time goes on this kind of carrying a baby around with you, carrying the stroller, carrying the maxi cosy, putting the baby down to bed and getting up in the night and kind of always looking down and and being in those different positions, because you love your baby and you want the baby to be really happy and healthy. That can put your neck and shoulders at a risk. They will bring their baby not because the baby has a problem you know, but because it's about helping the nerve system to evolve in a barrier-free way and develop as quickly and efficiently as possible in a natural way.

So with chiropractic we would only use those very light and gentle techniques, but it is about making sure the baby can grow the way that it's meant to. Now there might be reasons that the mother wants to bring the baby in. That could be, for example one of these babies who's just crying all the time. It could be KISS-syndrome, or maybe the baby has a favourite side, maybe there's a lot of digestive system problems. As we say with chiropractic you know it's not about the signals that your body's telling you it's about making sure you're living at your optimal health. But if you do have any of those signals of course it makes sense to get checked to see if your chiropractor can help you as well.

So really from birth to beyond, chiropractic can help! So i hope that's been interesting and feel free to talk more about it with your chiropractor in the practice. Hope to see you next time. Cheers!:)