What to expect after your first Chiropractic Adjustment

G'day guys. It's Andrew here. By now you will have had your very first chiropractic adjustment. Here's what you can expect to feel in your body after your first adjustment.

So a lot of people are going to say that they feel immediately better. They feel a sense of somehow improvement.

That could be an improvement in the reason that they came here or it could be some other improvement, that they didn't really realise. Maybe it was the way they slept, maybe it was that they found they stood up a bit straighter, they felt a feeling of lightness and maybe they had a bit of an emotional release after the adjustment. Other people are going to actually feel their body working in a slightly different way as well. So feeling the change process happening within the body. If your body's been in a certain position and now it's changing, that could show some muscle soreness for example.

One other common thing is people actually saying they feel really tired early on after their first couple of adjustments. That can be because the body's actually finally doing some of the work that's been kind of putting on the back burner for a long time. Other people maybe, who aren't so connected to their bodies are going to say well I didn't actually feel anything and that's totally fine as well. The key thing and the way that we measure success is by how your structure changes over time. So talk to your chiropractor about your reaction and how you respond and how you feel and they will see if they can match it up with your structure. They may even change the techniques based on how you feel and how your progress is going. The good news is that over time as your body goes into that new habit and your brain and body is more connected, you just start to feel better and better after every adjustment. To the point where you get adjusted and it feels like boom you know the full power is back on in the body. So that's what you can expect to feel after your first adjustment. Either feel much better, feel your body working or feel not much happening at all. All of those are okay!

So just a little heads up, we're going to be sending out these videos about once a week at the start of your chiropractic journey. They're filled with some of the key questions that people ask and those key information. So hopefully that's useful to you. Please watch them and please also speak with your chiropractor about them. Then we can go a little bit more in depth and talk specifically about your case as well.

So wishing you a great day! Cheers.