What to do after your Chiropractic Adjustment

Often people ask the question of what should they or shouldn't they be doing after a chiropractic adjustment?
For example should you be doing the sports that you're normally doing or do you have to wait a day in between?
So here's a couple of thoughts on those questions.

Number one it's recommended that you do a little bit of walking after you get adjusted, maybe say 10 minutes. I would say, that one of the worst things you could do is to get adjusted and then get straight back into the car. Then drive for an hour or get straight back to the work desk and be sitting down. We want to keep your body moving and that movement is going to help stimulate the body to learn the new habit, that we're creating. Remember with chiropractic, we're adjusting the spine to create some new habits within your body and in your brain. We want those habits to build as strong as possible and that's one thing that you could do.

Second one is water. Water is really important to keep your body well hydrated as it goes through these changes. You're 70 per cent water. Water is going to fill up those cells, it's going to help the spinal cord fluid move through your body. Important one is to drink a lot of water.

The other thing is sports. A lot of people ask: Can I do my sports, that I normally do or do I have to do it on a different day? The answer normally is, that in the first phase of chiropractic it's about seeking stability in your body and really the chiropractor getting to know your body.

So the recommendation in general, you can also talk to your chiropractor about this, is to just do whatever your body is used to. If you're used to doing a run five times a week, keep doing it right, but don't start doing a whole bunch of new stuff. As you start your chiropractic journey you can certainly do it on the day of your chiropractic adjustment, but talk to your chiropractor because for example they will be able to track your changes and to see if it's impactful.

If you want to see if running is good or bad for you, tell your chiropractor. They'll adjust you and will have a look at your body before and after you went on a run. If there's no huge differences, running is cool.If there's been a big change or a big backwards step there, maybe it's a time to talk to the chiropractor. Maybe just ease off for that at the moment, because we want you to be doing all those things that light you up and make you really happy and healthy.

For more information talk with your chiropractor about that, but try doing those three things after your adjustment to keep you getting the best results possible. Cheers!:)